May Birthstone Meaning

Posted on 18 May 2020

For all our readers born in May, your birthstone is Emerald! Emerald is known as a glamour stone, a good luck charm, and a gem of truth and wisdom! Let's dive in to learn more about the Emerald birthstone!


Emerald History

Emerald is a widely popular gemstone known for its stunning green shade and iconic cut for engagement rings. In The Wizard of Oz, it was the Emerald City that everyone wanted to go to. Emerald’s appearance dates back to as early as 4000 BC and was worshiped by the ancient Incas. Emerald’s hold value in the bible, in the Islamic faith, the Hindu faith, with the ancient Egyptians, and the Romans. Emerald’s were believed to have good luck, reveal truth, promote fidelity, increase love and devotion, and represented fertility and rebirth.


Healing and Relationships

Today, the emerald is not only a gorgeous stone to be worn as jewelry, but also can have significant benefits to your health and wellness. Emerald has been said to be a heart stone, or rather it is a strong protector of it. It can open your heart chakra and make you more susceptible to receiving or giving love. In this way, emerald can be beneficial in relationships, dispelling suspicion, paranoia and negative feelings towards your partner, allowing you to focus less on any fabricated doom and open up those good, loving feelings. Emerald’s can also help soothe heartbreak over a failed relationship, or help you cope over the loss of a loved one.


Emerald and Your State of Mind

Emerald’s promote truth and wisdom, giving you the sight to really evaluate any troublesome situations with clarity and seeking the truth you need. This can apply to a lot of things: a romantic relationship on the rocks, tension in the workplace, bad blood between friends or a family member, etc… 


Emerald's Positivity and Creative Energy

The stone is great for self love and creativity. When you’ve lost your sense of self, are going through a depressive time, or are lacking creative flow, emerald’s can give you the boost you need. An emerald can help lift you up and spark your mind with creativity and desire for activity. With its connection to the heart chakra, the emerald with open your heart to recognizing your talents and see yourself as someone you admire. It helps stimulate your personal growth to help you find yourself and be set forth on the right path


The Affect of Emerald Gemstone

Diamond is the stone of commitment, loyalty, romance, clarity, and positivity. It inspires us to bring out our inner light when we have been plagued with darkness. It is also a beautiful, sparkling spectacle when cut and polished - making it the most desired gem for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and engagement rings. For a stone that will energize your spirit and promote strength, resilience and love, diamond is the gemstone to wear!


How to Use Emerald

Emeralds are the perfect stone for self love, romantic or unconditional love, and growth whether it be personal or in another matter. For best results, wear emerald over your heart to access your heart chakra and open yourself up to receiving and returning loving feelings to the world. 


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