Charm & Symbol Bracelets

Charm and symbol bracelets make for wonderful gifts for loved ones that can last a lifetime! The wonderful thing about charm bracelets is that you can continue to add to it over time, and each new symbol or charm has the potential to mark a new moment in the wearer’s life. Whether you’re looking for yourself or for someone else, bangle charm bracelets are a one-of-a-kind jewelry item that can be passed from one individual to another, increasing its uniqueness over time!

Did you know:

The wearing of charms may have begun as a form of amulet or talisman with the intention to ward off bad luck or evil spirits. For example, there is evidence that shells were used as adornments in Africa around 75,000 years ago. It is also believed that ancient Egyptian charms were also used as symbols of faith and good luck. Charm bracelets are believed to have originated with the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites around 400 - 600 B.C., in which they attached small objects (believed to have powers) around their wrists.

The modern wave of charm bracelets began in the United States around the 1940s, but can be traced even further back to the 1800s in England when Queen Victoria wore a gold chain with lockets that held pictures of her family. During the 1940s, American soldiers found small objects in Europe and Asia that they took back to their loved ones in the U.S. as jewelry souvenirs. Women began attaching these objects to bracelets and, soon, American jewelers began to produce small charms and charm bracelets.

Custom Charm Bracelets

Whether you’re looking for a gold charm bracelet, a sterling silver charm bracelet, or a bangle charm bracelet, there is no doubt that this style of bracelet will hold a lot of meaning to the wearer. Though charm and symbol bracelets may have originated as a form of protection against evil spirits, the modern usage is similar in that the purpose is one of deep meaning to the wearer.

Generally, the charms on modern charm bracelets have a deep meaning to the jewelry wearer: there is a story behind the symbol that speaks to that individual’s past, loved ones, or hope for the future. No matter what specific symbols speak to you, charm bracelets for women are a meaningful jewelry item that has grown in popularity due, in part, to the bracelet's customizability.  

Check out these ideas for your charm and symbol bracelets:

  • Anchor
  • Apple
  • Cross
  • Ampersand
  • Wishbone
  • Feather
  • Ballerina Shoes
  • Family Tree of Life
  • Dog Bone
  • Rose
  • Infinity Symbol
  • Horse
  • Heart
  • Music Note
  • Airplane
  • State

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! As a custom jewelry shop, you can be sure that we can make whatever is in your heart regarding your charm and symbol bracelet ideas.

High Quality Jewelry

Here at Gracefully Made Jewelry, we specialize in custom made, and in high quality jewelry. Each and every item of jewelry is sent through a 3-step polishing process and multiple quality checks to ensure that your gold or sterling silver charm bracelet is completely flawless when it gets to you. It is the intention of our dedicated team to custom make each item of jewelry: this means that you can be sure we create your order with you in mind.

Feel free to contact us today to get started crafting your custom charm bracelets!

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