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Name Necklace Collection

Are you looking for a simple and elegant hand stamped name necklace to display the names of those close to you? A custom name necklace is the perfect everyday necklace to be reminded of your loved ones. Name jewelry is the perfect way to keep loved ones close to you, no matter how frequently or infrequently you may see them. A gold name necklace is the perfect template to highlight the names of family members, family pets, or the newest baby addition! A “my name necklace” is also an excellent style of jewelry to display your own name!

If you are looking for inexpensive, handcrafted jewelry items, you can’t go wrong with a personalized name necklace. A person’s individuality is easily expressed by the simple style of a customizable name necklace. A stamped name necklace is designed to represent a person’s character, so don’t hold back -- let us know what you want!

Did you know:

Personalized name necklaces first became popular in the 1980’s. Though they were originally considered a luxurious, expensive item and were worn mostly by celebrities and Hollywood stars, name necklaces grew in popularity in the general public. Today, Hollywood stars continue to rock this fashion trend, making name necklaces a signature of fashion and style jewelry.

Necklace Name Ideas

If you’re looking for necklace name ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got a lot of different styles and designs for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a cut-out design, an engraving of a name, or perhaps a charm or birthstone, we can custom design your name necklace to create exactly what you want! Seriously, the sky’s the limit here at Gracefully Made Jewelry, so check out our ideas and let us know what you think!

Check out these ideas for your name necklace:

High Quality Jewelry

Here at Gracefully Made Jewelry, we specialize in high quality jewelry. Each necklace is custom made to order and each name is hand stamped by one of our experts. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, you can be sure that we can make it. As a custom jewelry shop, our dedicated team has the skills and resources to create whatever design you have in mind, so don’t worry if you don’t see it on our page!

Contact us today to get started crafting your one-of-a-kind name necklace!

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