June Birthstone Meaning

Posted on 01 June 2020

For those of you born in June, your birthstone is Alexandrite! Alexandrite is known as a creator of love, good luck, and abundance. Fun Fact: Alexandrite is the gemstone of the 55th anniversary! It is also believed to connect and balance the physical world and the astral world! Read on to learn more about the June birthstone!


Alexandrite History

Alexandrite doesn’t have quite as long of a history like that of sapphire or ruby because it was only barely discovered in the 19th century by Russian miners. Alexandrite gets its name from Prince Alexander II of Russia. Alexandrite was the highest acclaimed stone in Russia at the time because of its ability to shine as both a red and green colored stone simultaneously (red and green being the military colors of the time). Alexandrite became popular in the states after Tiffany’s got their hands on it. Russians believed Alexandrite to be a stone of good omen.


Alexandrite and Relationships

Alexandrite is a great stone for those looking for romance, looking to boost romance in their current relationship, or find the light in their otherwise jaded hearts. Those who have faced infidelity or bad luck in relationships may become hardened over time and lose their trust in romantic relationships and turn away from them all together. Alexandrite can soften their hearts and make them open to loving again despite a troubled past. For married couples or long term relationships, Alexandrite helps you to see both sides of the coin. For some of us, it's hard to understand the perspective of others and we need to take a moment to step outside of ourselves and into the shoes of the person we’re quarreling with. Alexandrite does just that, helps us see the other side of things so that we may better understand the person we’re having a conflict with and can perhaps come to an agreement. This also works in non romantic relationships as well. 


The Power of Alexandrite

Depending on what has been done to the stone and the lighting, Alexandrite can appear as more red, more green or even purple. We can see Alexandrite’s dual colors as a symbol for prosperity from the universe and prosperity in oneself. This may be one of Alexandrite’s greatest messages of all. The stone not only brings you the energy you need to achieve wealth and abundance but grants you the ability to pull out the confidence and charisma you have within yourself. The balance of the two will manifest the good luck and wealth you desire or at least give you the tools to achieve it.


Alexandrite and Healing

The stone can also warm the hearts of those who have lost their joy and are either far too disciplined for their own good, or just lost their spark. But more importantly, it inspires you to take a look in the mirror and realize that you are your own source of happiness. Alexandrite is a hopeful stone, able to bring light into those who have lost their hearts to darkness. Additionally, this is a great stone for those suffering from loss of a loved one or heart break. Alexandrite can be very comforting in these times and be a great influencer of seeing life as glass half full.



How to Use Alexandrite

Alexandrite stimulates the crown chakra, the seventh chakra located on the top of the head. The crown chakra is the top of the funnel so to speak, giving the other six chakras their shared energy. Because of its connection to the brain, Alexandrite helps boost creativity, intuition and imagination. For best results with Alexandrite, keep near you to use it as a calming support either in your purse or as jewelry to keep by you at all times. Otherwise, place Alexandrite somewhere in your home or your place of work to keep its energy flowing in your aura. 


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