Druzy Necklaces

Druzy necklaces are a popular new trend in the jewelry world that so many jewelry wearers are absolutely loving! There are so many reasons to love druzy necklaces: they are 100% natural; come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors; and druzy jewelry even has metaphysical properties!


Yes! Druzy gemstones purify and amplify the body’s natural healing properties, strengthening the human spirit in the process! Whether you’re looking for a rose gold druzy necklace or a black druzy necklace, druzy gemstones are believed to provide balance to the individual jewelry wearer’s life.

What is Druzy?

If you’re wondering what “druzy” means or what is a druzy necklace, then you’re not alone. Druzy is a glittering effect that occurs when tiny crystals appear over a colorful mineral. A common misconception is that the term “druzy” refers to quartz; however, druzy is any kind of mineral found in a plate-like form, such as garnets, calcite, dolomite, and malachite. Druzy can also be referred to as druse, druze or drusie.

Druzy gemstones grow over millions of years and are found as the last layers of growth on agate or other colorful bases. Common colors for druzy gemstones are white, yellow, brown, red, and orange.

So, why is druzy so popular?

Druzy gemstones are a popular stone for creating jewelry because of their elegant beauty. Some of the reasons that jewelry wearers love druzy necklaces are because they are not as expensive as big gemstones, they have a sparkle and great color, and they can be cut into various shapes relatively easily. Therefore, it is easy to create an elegant and expensive-looking gem from druzy gemstones, while maintaining an inexpensive cost!

How to Clean Druzy?

If you’re wondering how to clean druzy, then don’t worry -- we have some tips for you!

To clean your natural druzy gemstones:

  • Wipe them with a soft, dry cloth
  • Do not immerse them in harsh chemicals, or in ultrasonic chemicals
  • Avoid bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone, and amonia
  • Remove druzy jewelry before showering, swimming, or bathing in hot tubs
  • Avoid exposing druzy jewelry beauty care products, like shampoo, hair spray, hair dyes, spray tans, lotions, or perfumes
  • Store your druzy jewelry in a safe place, like a box, lined jewelry case, or pouch

With some care, your druzy bar necklace, or druzy pendant necklace, will stay as beautiful as it was the day you received it from us!

High Quality Jewelry

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