Initial Necklace Collection

Initial jewelry has been a popular trend in the fashion world. Jewelry-wearers love to wear initial necklaces since they contribute to their individualistic identity and they are easily customizable to different styles of clothing. You can even add your own birthstone or favorite color to make it truly unique to you!

Did you know:

  • The most common initials for personalized jewelry are J, K, L, and M?
  • Pretty common letters for personalized jewelry are A, H, E, S, P, and C.
  • Common letters for initial jewelry are B, D, G, N, R, and T.
  • Uncommon letters for initial jewelry are F, W, O, I, and V.
  • Pretty rare letters for initial jewelry are Q, U, W, Y, and Z.

What could be more personal than a loved one’s initials on a handmade, hand-stamped pendant and chain? Above, you will see that we offer an endless range of combinations that let you customize each timeless design to your tastes. Our personalized necklaces range from slender dog tags to sterling silver hearts or tiny discs, and more. Choose the simplicity of a tiny sterling silver initial letter on a delicate chain, packaged in its own gift box. Layered discs are perfect for your initials plus an anniversary date, for the sweetest reminder of your special day. You’re sure to find one or more styles for yourself or your family.

What Initials Can Represent

Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, monogrammed and letter initial jewelry can represent a lot of different things and people. A fine jewelry initial necklace can hold so many different meanings and can be a really valuable gift to a loved one.

For instance, an initial necklace can represent:

  • Your family name
  • Your individualistic identity
  • Your children or grandchildren
  • Your siblings
  • Your spouse
  • The family pet

Personalized Initial Jewelry

Are you looking for an initial necklace silver? Or, perhaps, you’d rather have a rose gold initial necklace or a 14K gold initial necklace. Regardless of what metal you are looking for or what design (e.g. cut-out, engraved, hand-stamped), we can help you create the personalized initial necklace that will hold meaning to you.

Check out these ideas for your initial necklace:

High Quality Jewelry

Here at Gracefully Made Jewelry, we specialize in custom designs and in creating high quality jewelry. All of our jewelry is handcrafted and customized to your exact specifications. Whether you see what you are looking for on our page or not, don’t worry, we can make it. As a custom jewelry shop, our dedicated team works to ensure that you are happy with your finished product.

Contact us today to get started crafting your initial necklace!

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