April Birthstone Meaning

Posted on 17 April 2020

For all our readers born in April, your birthstone is Diamond! This fabulous, classic gemstone is associated with love, marriage and clarity. Read on to learn more about the April birthstone!


 Diamond History

Diamond is one of the most desired gemstones in the world! It's the preferred stone of engagement rings, the most common choice for gift jewelry, and the jewel of the 50th wedding anniversary. Diamonds are one of the hardest natural resources on the planet, making them resilient to most damage. This may explain why they are the gem that represents the proposal of marriage and the 50th anniversary, as those receiving it know their love is stronger than any conflict or challenge.


Diamond's Healing Properties

Diamond can be seen as a stone of clarity, strength, and happiness. Those who wear diamond and use it for its healing properties can expect more success, strength in themselves and resilience to day to day problems, and mental clarity. Diamond is a stone of the crown chakra, meaning its healing properties all have to do with enhancements of the mind. Perhaps this is why royalty has always used diamond crowns and tiaras as their stone of choice.


Diamond and Your State of Mind

Because of its connection to the crown chakra, diamond is a great purifier of negative thoughts, distraction, and bad energy plaguing the mind. Diamond is an energy booster, and can charge your mental and spiritual energy. Diamond as a healing stone, is excellent for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and insecurity in their lives.


Love and Relationships

Diamond isn't just a romantic gift, but is also an excellent love stone. Diamond is a symbol of commitment and loyalty and when used for healing, can promote bonding between partners as well as romance and desire. It's powers of clarity can open up the heart and mind to seeing new perspectives and being open to giving and receiving love, something many people, even when in relationships may not realize they struggle with. 


The Affect of Diamond Gemstone

Diamond is the stone of commitment, loyalty, romance, clarity, and positivity. It inspires us to bring out our inner light when we have been plagued with darkness. It is also a beautiful, sparkling spectacle when cut and polished - making it the most desired gem for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and engagement rings. For a stone that will energize your spirit and promote strength, resilience and love, diamond is the gemstone to wear!


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