March Birthstone Meaning

Posted on 16 March 2020

For babies born in March, your birthstone is Aquamarine! This gorgeous, light blue stone is associated with water and more specifically the ocean. Read on to learn more about the March birthstone!

 Aquamarine History

Aquamarine comes is varying shades of soft greenish blues and can be considered the spokes-crystal of the sea. It is associated with purity and clarity and was once considered a good luck stone by sailors who believes the stone was the treasure of mermaids.


Aquamarine's Healing Properties

Aquamarine is greatly associated with the ocean, water, and purity. It is an excellent cleansing stone, and can inspire washing away insecurities and fears, wiping the slate clean, and promoting clarity in day to day life. Aquamarine is used for healing with the throat chakra, and is recommended for those who are public speakers or for those afraid to speak up for themselves in their personal or professional life. Aquamarine's association with water and cleansing is thought to wash away fears and anything that stifles you from speaking your truth. The symbolic clarity of Aquamarine inspires those who use it for the throat chakra to speak clearly and straightforwardly without resorting to anger or speaking from a place of stress. 


Aquamarine and Your State of Mind

Aquamarine inspires compassion, kindness, fair judgement, and sensibility. Aquamarine can inspire those who use it for its healing properties to see the world as more than black and white and be more open to the complexities and deeper emotions of others, making them much more just and willing to see a situation from all angles before making a decision or solving a problem.


Love and Relationships

Aquamarine can be used as a love crystal, and can aid those in complex relationships to see eye to eye on issues and better compromise together. Aquamarine makes for a great engagement stone because it symbolizes the eternal flow of love and the timelessness of the sea. It can also represent the ebbing and flowing of water, likened to the steady pace of your relationship.


Fear and Anxiety

Aquamarine is a great stone for balance and new beginnings. The fear and anxiety we build up over time from work, personal relationships and fear of the future can really block our chakras and prevent us from being our best selves. Aquamarine is a perfect aid for this as its healing properties promote cleansing of bad energies, insecurities and fears and promotes the wellness of a life more focused on the important things. Wiping away negative feelings can enhance your focus and bring a fresh perspective to you.


For a spiritual cleansing, clear mind, and fresh perspective, choose Aquamarine!


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