February Birthstone Meaning

Posted on 04 February 2020

In the month of February, the birthstone is beautiful amethyst! This stone comes in varying shades of purple and sometimes fades clear. Read on to learn more about this precious birthstone!

 Amethyst History

Amethyst’s beautiful purple color made it a luxury stone in ancient times, as purple has long been the color of nobility and royalty. Because of its connection to royalty, Amethyst can be a great stone to keep around to promote wealth and prosperity. It is the stone of sobriety, or rather, a clear head. Ancient Roman’s would wear or have their valuables decorated in amethyst to prevent intoxication while drinking and to keep focus. 


Love and Relationships

Amethyst can be a strong love stone with many benefits in your romantic relationships. Because of Amethysts ability to keep your head clear, it can help you to stay true to yourself rather than conform to what you think others expect of you. And in turn, this will lead you to the perfect mate! While Amethyst isn't exactly a gemstone of passion or sexuality, it is a great aid in breaking down barriers and opening your heart to giving and receiving love. When tension arises, this stone can help you to avoid petty remarks and unnecessary acts of anger and to dive into the root of the problem you and your beloved are facing.


Stress and Anxiety

Amethyst, being the stone of clarity and sobriety can be a great comfort in times of immense stress or difficulty. When challenges arise and we feel like we've bitten off more than we can chew, it's easy to get lost in fear and worry for the future. Amethyst's healing properties help dissipate these fears and reduce worry and stress. The best thing we can do for ourselves when times are tough is to take a breath and focus what we can do now instead of things we can't control or can't predict. Amethyst supports this clear state of mind.


How to Use Amethyst

For best results with Amethyst, it is good to wear Amethyst jewelry close to the head as it is connected to your crown chakra. Headbands, hair clips, earrings, and such. You can also keep a raw amethyst cluster near your bed (like on a nightstand or a thick bed frame) to energize your thoughts while you sleep!

For clarity of mind, choose Amethyst!


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