7 Things You Didn't Know About Handmade Jewelry

Posted on 20 October 2015

With the rise of Etsy and other handmade sites, handmade jewelry has become trendy and sought after. These pieces of jewelry are like mini works of art, handcrafted with love. That being said, this time, effort, and originality make this jewelry more expensive than their mass manufactured counterparts.

1. You Pay for Time

Whether it’s hand stamped jewelry or personalized necklaces, handmade means just that. Someone’s hands actually touch, craft, shape and finish every part of the product. In other words, it takes time. The majority of the price tag (most of the time) is payment for the artisan’s time and skill.

2. Handmade Jewelry Has a Definition

It’s not just a label. Handmade has an FTC definition. The FTC says that the word “handmade” cannot be used unless the entire product from start to finish has been hand formed. This means that hand labor and manual methods are the only ones that can be used to create anything, from custom necklaces to earrings. This definition makes handmade pieces truly special.

3. Supporting the Local Economy

One part of handmade jewelry that is overlooked is its source. This jewelry isn’t made in a faraway factory. A local craftsman creates and fabricates the jewelry, and your purchase gives them income, which in turn fuels the local economy. What could be better than supporting a hard working artisan and the local market?

4. Hand Selected Materials

Every time you wear a piece of handmade jewelry, you’re wearing materials that have been selected with care. The maker chose each material for color or quality, or another feature that gave it a special touch. They also buy from reputable suppliers. These carefully selected materials create personalized jewelry that cannot be substituted by a mass manufactured item.

5. Focused on Quality

A jeweler focuses on generating a product they can be proud of. Mass manufacturers worry more about quantity, than quality. Hand crafted jewelry is made by an artist who carefully controls their process. They take pride in their work, and ensure that every piece of jewelry is up to their standard.

6. Ethical

Craftsman are conscious of where their materials come from. They are invested in the community and the world around them. These makers choose suppliers that meet their ethical expectations and not just their quality expectations.

7. Unique Process

Each craftsman has a special way of producing each piece of jewelry. It’s not just a creative process, but a fabrication process. It’s so distinct that a piece can be attributed to its maker without so much as a name stamp. Owning such a piece of jewelry is like owning a small Picasso or Rembrandt.

Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, or a variety of other jewelry, handmade is about a lot more than just a process. It’s about the community, the craftsman, and quality. A handmade piece of jewelry isn’t just something worn today and tossed aside tomorrow. Rather, it’s the stuff heirlooms are made of. So, if you’re shopping for high quality handmade jewelry, browse our large selection.

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