Minimalist Jewelery Ideas

Posted on 02 November 2015

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Minimalism: Jewelry, Fashion, & Home Decor

In our 24/7, information-saturated, go-go-go world, minimalism is a refreshing idea. We are bombarded with decisions every day—heck, we can’t even get through a grocery store without deciding between thousands of different products. Does anyone really need two dozen different brands of baking soda?

Given the overwhelming number of choices we must make just to get through each day, some people are embracing the idea of minimalism as a lifestyle. Even high-profile figures like Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama are on board with adopting a capsule wardrobe.

In the realm of fashion and jewelry, minimalism is in. Let’s explore some minimalist jewelry, fashion, and home decor ideas.

Minimalist Jewelry Ideas

  • Simple Necklace: Forget blingy (and expensive) gem-encrusted necklaces that look like they’ve been attacked by a Bedazzler. Opt instead for a simple necklace that becomes the centerpiece of your outfit without being gaudy. Show your love for the oceans with a nautical-themed necklace, like this anchor pendant with single pearl that adds feminine flair.
  • Personalized Bracelet: A great way to celebrate those you love—whether your kids or your parents and siblings—is with personalized jewelry, like this bangle bracelet. A simple and fun simple piece that can be worn with virtually anything—you’ll want to wear it every day.
  • Midi Ring: These rings sit on your finger below the lower knuckle, adding rock-star style to your look. Midi rings are stackable, allowing you to create exactly the look you want.
  • Ankle Bracelet: A simple silver or gold ankle bracelet can help dress up a daytime outfit, while a more elaborate beaded toe ankle bracelet creates a bohemian look.

Minimalist Fashion Ideas

  • Neutral solids: One of the easiest ways to create a variety of looks with just a handful of pieces is choosing neutral solids that you can mix and match. Patterns, by contrast, stand out and are less versatile. Choose neutrals like black, brown, beige, and gray, which can be paired to create many different looks.
  • Black and white: You can’t go wrong with black and white pieces—they can be mixed and matched until the cows come home. Go white-on-white with a pair of straight-leg trousers and white tunic, or pair a white blouse with black skirt for a classic, sophisticated look.
  • Solid-colored pants jumpsuit: The beauty of a jumper is that it can be dressed up or down, paired with other clothing items, and accessorized. For a daytime look, pair a jumper with sandals. To dress up a jumper for nighttime, add heels, a belt, a sleek jacket, and a simple necklace.
  • Patterned shoes: To add a pop of color, choose a fun pattern such as an animal print or plaid print to a solid black or white outfit.
  • Flowy skirt with midriff top: For a chic look, pair a high-waist A-line skirt in a flowy fabric like chiffon with a sleeveless turtleneck midriff top. Choose solid colors and a solid-colored strappy sandal to create a minimalist look.
  • White t-shirt + boyfriend jeans + flats: Talk about classic—the beauty of this simple ensemble is that you can pair it with your favorite piece of minimalist jewelry, such as a personalized necklace engraved with the name or initials of your main squeeze.


Pair your gracefully made necklaces with comfy Capsule wardrobe tights

What’s a “Capsule” Wardrobe?

It’s definitely not a mainstream idea, but it’s been picking up steam recently, especially as celebrities have endorsed the idea. In essence, a capsule wardrobe involves wearing more or less the same thing every day—not the same exact items of clothing, of course, but the same outfit, essentially. Whether you’re a busy executive or a busy mom, there are some compelling reasons to adopt a capsule wardrobe, including:

  • Fewer decisions: We make thousands of decisions every day, many at the subconscious level. Those whose jobs require making significant decisions every day can benefit from the removal of less important decisions, like choosing what to wear. At the end of the day, if we’re forced to make too many decisions, fatigue can set it in, resulting in poor choices.
  • Time savings: You might be surprised at how much time you spend toiling over clothing and accessory choices. Whether you’re scrambling in the morning to put together an outfit or you’re a Type A personality who selects outfits for the week in advance, the bottom line is that you’re probably spending a less-than-insignificant chunk of your time on wardrobe decisions.
  • Less stress: Speaking of scrambling to get ready in the morning, having one (or three) go-to “uniforms” can cut down your stress, especially before work. As we’ve all likely experienced, running late can have a cascading effect. You hit more traffic or you miss the bus, you forget your lunch, you miss out on your morning coffee run. You get the idea.
  • Less expense: The average American woman spends about $700 per year on clothing.1 Keep in mind that’s an average—some women spend far more. If you’re a clothes horse, you know that’s true. Adopting a capsule wardrobe will help you get your expenses down even more, since you can shop around in stores and, more importantly, online, to find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price.
  • Peace of mind: There is no doubt that we are an obsession-possessed society. If you’re not convinced, look no further than the disturbing videos of people trampling each other in electronics stores on Black Friday. If you’re looking for freedom from the mountains of stuff we tend to amass, adopting a capsule wardrobe might be for you.

Minimalism Comes Home

For some, embracing minimalism extends beyond fashion into a life philosophy. The idea is that when we rid ourselves of the clutter and superfluous decisions (like picking the “perfect” outfit) that distract us, we’re free to focus on what’s important. If transforming your home into a minimalist’s paradise sounds enticing, check out these 50 minimalist living room looks to transform your abode.

Not ready to take the plunge and adopt a capsule wardrobe? No problem. Start off small with a handful of minimalist looks and a few pieces of personalized or handmade jewelry to tie your outfits together.



Not ready to take the plunge and adopt a capsule wardrobe? No problem. Start off small with a handful of minimalist looks and a few pieces of personalized or handmade jewelry to tie your outfits together.

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