• Strong Is Beautiful Bracelet

Strong Is Beautiful Mantra Bracelet

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This Strong Is Beautiful cuff bracelet is part of our Mantra Bracelets Collection. This personalized engraved cuff bracelet will inspire you with the quote "strong is beautiful" engraved on it!

Strength isn't just heavy lifting. Strength comes from deep within and it doesn't matter what age, gender, size, or ethnicity you are. Strength comes from within our hearts and can be as powerful as a lion. We use our inner strength in all sorts of situations. From being brave enough to face a difficult day, to enduring illness, to being strong for your family when times get tough... no matter what curve-balls life throws at us, there is no challenge our inner strength cannot overcome. Wearing the word "strength" on your wrist will remind you of the power within you that you may have forgotten. All things can be accomplished if we just believe in ourselves enough to stand up and be victorious.

This particular mantra, "Strong is Beautiful," has a bigger message. The strength we hold within ourselves isn't just powerful, but a beautiful thing. When we challenge ourselves to do the things that are hard or that scare us, we glow from within. We do more than just accomplish tasks, we become stronger individuals that are more prepared for the future. Women are warriors, from stay-at-home-moms to our women in the armed forces. We are strong, independent and beautiful creatures and this bracelet reminds us of just that.



Looking for personalized jewelry? You’ve come to the right place! We can also make this bracelet custom and engrave a custom mantra or quote of your choice. If this particular quote doesn’t speak to you, and you would like a different quote, then just leave a note during checkout with the word or phrase you would like engraved onto your bracelet(s)!


Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, you absolutely can’t go wrong with quote cuff bracelets! The simple, sleek style of the silver cuff bracelet makes this bracelet easy to pair with any of your other jewelry items! Motivational jewelry also makes the perfect gift: timeless and beautiful, custom bracelets are perfect because you can personalize it to the wearer!

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