• Gold Anchor Necklace

Gold Anchor Necklace

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This gold anchor necklace is part of our Charm and Symbol Necklace Collection. This charm necklace sports an antique gold tone anchor charm, which is strung from an 18" gold plated chain.

But, what does an anchor symbolize?

A new trend in jewelry is the anchor necklace, but why? There are two main reasons behind the anchor symbol in jewelry and fashion: love for the deep blue sea, and a deep commitment to Christianity. For many centuries, the anchor symbol has been used by sea-faring mariners to represent the safe end to a long journey at sea. During the early days of Christianity, when the Christians were persecuted by the Romans, they would wear anchor jewelry or tattoos to symbolize strength even during troubling times.

Additionally, there is a third reason for the popularity of anchor necklaces: this simple, yet stylish necklace charm represents inner strength and stability. The anchor charm is a symbol that represents that a person is in tune with themselves, their emotions, and their desires. The anchor can also represent a person who has had difficult times in the past and has survived through them. For many, this small charm represents a safe place to go home to.

Whether you are moved by the sea-faring mariners, the Christians, or your own personal development, you can be sure that this simple gold charm necklace is a meaningful one that will definitely be cherished by the wearer.

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