• Silver Wishbone Necklace
  • Silver Wishbone Necklace
  • Silver Wishbone Necklace

Silver Wishbone Necklace

$ 19.00



This silver wishbone necklace is part of our Charm and Symbol Necklace Collection, as well as our Gifts For Mom Collection. This adorable silver wishbone charm hangs from an 18" link chain. A wishbone necklace is the perfect addition to your simple & timeless jewelry collection!

But, what is the meaning of a wishbone necklace?

The history of wishbones as symbols of good luck date back to 322 BC, when they were collected and considered to have good luck. Traditionally, when you make a wish on a wishbone, the wisher who breaks the bone and ends up with the larger piece is believed to have their wish granted. If the winner wants to, they can then give their wish to someone else. Thus, the wishbone meaning is a symbol of hope for the future and good luck to the wearer!

So, what about the wishbone necklace meaning?

If someone wears a wishbone necklace silver, this generally means that the wearer must have a very special wish. Each and every time the wearer puts on their sterling silver wishbone pendant necklace, they should say their wish out loud. In this way, the sterling silver wishbone necklace serves as a constant reminder of their goal.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, you can’t go wrong with this darling silver wishbone necklace!

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